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Comtrade Audit

Discover Comtrade Audit, the only platform that combines Legal Tech and Supply Chain Tech into a single tool.
Automatically Recover, Organize, and Audit 100% of your import-export operations, calculating potential fines before the authorities show up at your door.
Get financing, cargo insurance, manage Pre-shipment Inspections at Origin, or verify the existence of foreign suppliers in more than 85 countries.
All in one place with plans starting at $5.00 USD per month!

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Comtrade Audit

The most user-friendly foreign trade platform and your best ally in nearshoring.
It offers automated organization and auditing of 100% of your operations, calculating potential fines before the authorities reach your doorstep.
Additionally, you can Recover or Reconstruct files from historical years and safeguard your Fixed Asset inventory in an easy and secure manner.
Auditing yourself has never been so easy!
Sign up today with plans starting at $5.00 USD a month!

Cargo Transportation

Optimize your Shipments and Save Costs with Comtrade Audit: Your Solution for domestic and international freight.
We simplify the booking of your cargo shipments. Thanks to our extensive network of trusted transport partners, we provide optimal options at competitive prices.
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Cargo Insurance

Secure your Cargo Easily and Reliably with Comtrade Audit
In foreign trade, international and domestic shipments are essential parts of the business. However, these shipments come with associated risks such as losses, damages, or theft of goods.
Thanks to our wide network of leading insurers, we can offer you the best rates, with complete protection of your cargo, your container, and even against delays that may arise.
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Product Inspections and Supplier Audits

Ensure Quality and Compliance with Comtrade Audit
Avoid fraud risks or receiving items that don’t match your order; before finalizing any deal, schedule a supplier audit. Alternatively, opt for an on-site inspection to ensure that the products meet your quality standards and regulations.
We offers effective solutions for this, with our factory inspections and audits available in more than 85 countries.
Don’t wait any longer, schedule your Pre-Shipment Inspection or an Audit through our platform today!

Trade Financing

Do you need financing for your payments to foreign suppliers?
We have a strong network of trusted financial partners that allows us to provide you with the best financing options suited to your needs.
Comtrade Audit offers you options for payments to foreign suppliers without Real Estate Collateral, domestic factoring, among other financing options, at competitive rates.
This way, you can have the necessary capital to effectively expand your business.
Don’t miss this opportunity and get the financial support you need today!

Discover the most recurring fines that taxpayers face

«Over 90% of companies involved in importing or exporting do not have their foreign trade records complete, and this can cost them a lot of money.»

These are the most common fines:

  • Fine for Missing Shipping Document» = + $ 300 USD per document.
  • Fine for Document Filling Errors» = $ 100 to US 1,500 USD
  • Fine for non-payment of taxes due to a bad calculation = 130% «Fine for Omitted Amount»

En comtrade nuestra misión es simplificar la complejidad del comercio exterior, equipando a empresas de todos los tamaños con las herramientas y el conocimiento necesarios para operar con éxito a nivel global.

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An end-to-end solution for your supply chain

The new way to manage your foreign trade operations.

Cargo Transportation

Optimize your shipments and save on costs.
Your best solution for national and international cargo transport.

Cargo Insurance

Securing your cargo for international and domestic shipments is easier and more reliable than ever.
Request your cargo insurance now!

Product Inspections

Quality control is crucial for the regulatory compliance of your products. Ensure quality with our inspections and factory audits available in more than 85 countries.



Secure financing today, don’t let the lack of funds stop your growth.
Gain access to credit lines to expand your business right now.



Our solutions for managing your foreign trade operations are currently only available for Mexico; by mid-2024 we will have a new SCM solution that will be available for LATAM, the United States and Canada.

To request a quote, go to the specific section you need within our Comtrade Audit platform and follow the corresponding instructions.

If you prefer a personalized quote or have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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At Comtrade Audit, we offer you the flexibility to try our services for a month and if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time without complications. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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